I’m the single mom of a single child. We have always been very close, so I knew that sending him off to college would be nearly as big a step for me as it was for him. I started this blog on the evening of my return from taking him to his chosen college – which happens to be 1117.8 miles from our house – to begin his freshman year.  This blog will be the story of my attempt to find good things, activities and people to fill the huge part of my life that my son has filled for the past 18 years.

I’m determinedly optimistic about this so-called “empty nest” business. In fact, I prefer the term “half-full nest” because, hey, I’M still here. If you have been in this same situation, please share your stories and your wisdom and your humor. Even if you haven’t taken this step yourself, feel free to join the conversation. Everyone here be merry, dammit.